Microprixs C++ Development Services

Our developers utilize C++ programming to create robust, reliable, object-oriented software, and high performance applications

We develop cross platform applications with GTK+, QT, vxWidgets, and other toolkits

We integrate comprehensive Quality Assurance Testing (QA) throughout the C++ programming process including unit, integration, functional, and system integration testing

We program security devices and systems in C++ programming for CCTV surveillance, body cameras, home security systems, gate access systems, and more

We program utilities, tools, offline communications and multimedia applications and other robust software applications for Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Our C++ programming includes systems development for data backup, restore software, VM tools, email archiving, data processing applications, and more

Development of software for digital video steaming and processing, plus multimedia applications for video editing, media players and broadcast streamers, HD video playback capabilities, interactive gaming, and more

We utilize the most efficient tools for C++ programming including: Kdevelop, Anjuta Devstudio, Code Block, GCC-based compilers, and more

We program software-for hardware (firmware) for real-time interchange, device setup and configuration software, POS device integration, smart home automation, direct hardware, sensor scanning and more